Um. Help

I know I haven’t been active much. I’m a teacher. I also work on the door of a bar on Friday and I am caregiver for a 14 year old boy with special needs every other weekend. I

Due to some circumstances both in and out of our control, my wife and I are being forced out of the home we rent from her mom and stepdad. I’m putting this up because Oppo has been a great community for others.

My doggo is constantly sick, my wife and I are constantly sick and afraid, and we are seriously broke. So With shame in my heart I’m entering the realm of electronic begging. I hate it but I see no other way of getting what I need to get to our new place.


Here is my GoFundMe. It’s for moving expenses and upcoming vet bills. Please read before casting judgement. A photo of Binkie for tax.

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