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Gentlemen, you all know that Valentine's day is in 7 days. Isn't love wonderful? I have a secret: If your significant other expects you to sit through a hackneyed Nicholas Sparks movie and spend an entire paycheck on a contrived dinner in a crowded place with lots of other couples there for obligation dates, she (or

So someone posted about a lighter a little while ago. Back when I was a philosophy student with more money than I should have had — I had a decent job and zero bills to pay — I smoked Nat Sherman Mint cigarettes ($3.00 a pack in the late 90s!) and would often finish the night with a pipe of Dunhill's 965.

My wife, after looking at our bank statements for the past 3 months, has told me "your old wagon has about $250 a month in maintenance costs and we're looking at tires next month and the valve adjustment and new belts soon. Can we just look at getting something newer? At this point a payment wouldn't be terribly bad

If I had the mechanical ability, time, money, and engineering acumen, I would do something like this gentleman did to his camaro: to a Ford GAA tank engine - and then I'd put it in a truck frame and build a double-sized '50 ford Gasser. Because if it's not

So, Oppo, I think I'm about to start a twitter feed and I'll only update it after each bowel movement. It'll be a brief description of the poo, along with its ranking on the Bristol Scale. I figure that most of Twitter is shit anyway — this just makes it literal.