Gentlemen, you all know that Valentine's day is in 7 days. Isn't love wonderful? I have a secret: If your significant other expects you to sit through a hackneyed Nicholas Sparks movie and spend an entire paycheck on a contrived dinner in a crowded place with lots of other couples there for obligation dates, she (or he, whatever... I don't judge) doesn't actually love you. She (or he) is just pushing to see what buttons she (or he... these pronouns get cumbersome) can push and what you'll do for her(or him).

If you love your significant other, show it every day. My wife gets flowers regularly. She gets breakfast in bed every weekend. We do all we can to show each other that we love each other. We take care of each other.


So, while you're sitting through some formulaic, maudlin, steaming pile of a "romance" movie and eating a dinner that would normally cost 1/2 what you're paying any time other than mid-February, my wife and I will be together, actually enjoying our company and celebrating our love like we do every day. That is all.

Have some old Atreyu. Ain't love grand? (I saw them on this tour with Eighteen Visions — there were monitors with pink static playing.)

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