My wife brought home craft brews because she's awesome.

These are from Westbrook brewery in the upstate of South Carolina — I think Spartanburg. The canned stuff is White Thai — in the style of a Belgian Weissbier but imbued with spices. Compliments spicy food very well. Crisp with hops, citrus and spices on the nose. Finishes bittersweet. Very good.


The Dark Helmet is a German-style Schwarzbier. I haven't tried it but the guys at the beverage store suggested it since I like dark, rich and malty.

The Vanilla Tree Dubbel is in the style of a Belgian black ale but with vanilla. It's supposed to be rich and sweet with a tinge of hops at the finish.

The Schwarzbier is going to be drunk with a big carb-loaded meal of comfort food. Maybe when I make chili and mashed potatoes this weekend.

Don't know what I'm going to pair with the Vanilla Tree. Maybe it'll be my dessert one night this week.

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